Best WhatsApp Business Marketing Guide 2023

Best WhatsApp Business Marketing Guide 2023 – This post will show you how to do WhatsApp marketing for free. So just tag along with me.

Best WhatsApp Business Marketing Guide

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp Marketing refers to the use of messenger application to promote products/services. It is the use of the WhatsApp messenger application to get to your audience or engage the audience to promote your products/services.

Thus, WhatsApp Marketing allows you to keep in touch with your clients or customers every day.

WhatsApp, by definition, is a messenger application that enables instant messaging among users. It is available in different mobile phone operating systems such as Android, Windows phone, IOS, and Nokia.

Also, it is the most popular messaging service in the world with over 2 billion users. It is one of the few software applications downloaded over 5 billion times on Android and IOS.

WhatsApp, the most popular messenger app, is in over 100 countries, India and Brazil as its largest market. In 2021, it was estimated that WhatsApp generated about $8.7 billion in revenue.

In early 2018, WhatsApp Business application was launched, especially for small and medium or local businesses.

However, it is important to note the main difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. While WhatsApp is strictly for personal communication, WhatsApp Business is for small local businesses with some marketing tools.

To effectively promote, sell or market your products/services using an instant messaging application, you need WhatsApp Business App. Good knowledge of WhatsApp Business features and tools are required.

Below are the features of the WhatsApp Business application.

WhatsApp Business Features

WhatsApp Business has lots of features to help you with fast and effective communication with your clients or customers.

Now, let’s go into these main features of WhatsApp Business.

1. Main screen

The first features you see when you open your WhatsApp Business app are Chats, Status, and Calls.

  • CHATS: This is usually the first place to start your WhatsApp Business when opened. The Chat screen shows icons of individuals or groups you chat with, the date of the last message and the double blue check marks that show the message was received and opened. You are also allowed to pin maximum of three individual or group icons. This allows the pinned icons to stay above others.
  • STATUS: This feature allows you to send a status update to all your contacts. You can update your status with images, short video clips, flyers, commercial ads, notices, etc.
  • CALLS: on the Calls screen, you can start a voice or video call by tapping the icon of the individual you want to call. You can also set up a conference voice or video call to reach out to clients, customers, or colleagues.

To select a contact to call, tap on the phone + icon at the bottom right corner of the call screen.

2. Main Menu

The Main Menu is at the top right corner of your main screen. Click on the three dots to display the features on the Main Menu.

The features are:

(A) Business tools

(B) New group

(C) New broadcast

(D) Labels

(E) Linked devices

(F) Starred messages

(G) Settings

(A) Business tools 

I. Business profile

This is where you set up your business information. Here, you will update your business name, category of business, business description, business address, business hours, emails address and website address. You can manage your products and phone number on the Business Profile screen.

II. Catalog

This is where you can show your products and services. It allows you to create a catalog, send products and services to your customers and save space on your phone device. You can add product items by clicking on the “Add new item”. It will opens up to where you can add item image, name, price, description, link and item code.

III. Greeting message

When this feature is activated, it allows you to automatically greet customers when they message you the first time or after 14 days of no activity. You can customize your greeting message to thank your new customers for visiting your store. Note that greeting messages may be activated when your smartphone has an active internet connection.

IV. Away message

You can use this feature to reply your customers when you are available. More so, you can set up a response message to respond to any message you receive outside your usual business hours. Away messages can be activated when the phone has an active internet connection.

V. Quick replies

This feature can be set up to work just the same way as FAQs. You can set up words that will quickly retrieve your reply message. For instance, you can type on the “Shortcut” space provided a word like “price”. A quick reply like “price lists” of your products or services will be sent to your customer when the keyword “price” is used.

VI. Labels

You can set up this feature to organize your chats and customers. It helps you segment and immediately identify your customer messages. You can rename the label to suit your business.

VII. Advertise on Facebook

You can use this feature to create Facebook ads that allows people start WhatsApp chats with you on a budget you control, choose who sees your ads and how long the ads will run.

It also gives you the option to stop or pause your ads at any time. This is helpful for your business as billions of people use Facebook and Instagram every month. Ads on these social media platforms let new customers contact you on WhatsApp.

VIII. Facebook and Instagram

You can add your WhatsApp to your Facebook Page or Instagram Profile. These make it easy for people to get in touch with you.

IX. Short links

This feature enables you to share a short or QR Code with customers so they can start a chat with you directly.

If a customer opens the short link on a device having WhatsApp installed, it automatically opens a secure chat between you and your customer.

However, if the short link is opened on a web browser, it will open a web page with your business information and your default message if one was assigned. From there, your customer can click on CONTINUE TO CHAT button to open a chat with you.

(B) New group

This feature allows you to select individuals from the mobile contact list to create a group. This helps you segment or categorize your customers in different ways that suits your business.

(C) New broadcast

This allows you to create a broadcast message to send to selected individuals on your contact list. This can only be sent to people who have your phone contact in their phonebook. The feature help you reach your customers only.

(D) Labels

 This feature helps you identify and organize your chats and customers. You can rename, edit, choose a new colour, delete or send message to customers with label.

(E) Linked devices

This feature will allows you to use WhatsApp on web and other devices by linking them to your smartphone. You can use up to four devices and one phone at once.

You can have multiple people manage the same WhatsApp account from different points. It makes it helpful for some businesses to use it as Service Support resource to attend to their customers’ requests.

(F) Starred messages: 

This helps you to star messages you would easily like find later. To do this, tap and hold on any of the messages in any chat to star it. When highlighted, click on the three dots on the chat screen. Select star to have that message starred.

To find the starred messages, click on the three dots on the Main Menu. Select starred messages. The starred messages will be displayed on the screen.

(G) Settings

The settings features allows you to set your business information, set up your security, switch phone numbers, change theme, change wallpapers, chat history, and call tones notifications.

On the Storage and data screen, you can enable “Use less data for calls”, set up media auto-download and media upload quality.

3. Contact Icon

This is at the bottom right corner of your WhatsApp Business Main Screen. It gives you access to the entire contact list on your mobile phone.

The above features are essential for the growth and profit maximization of small and medium or local business.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business 

1. Business Profile

WhatsApp Business gives you the option to set up your business information in the best way it can attract customers and organize your chats and customers.

Your Status is a powerful marketing tool you can use to display your products in real-time. Your products displayed on the Status screen can only appear for twenty-four hours before it disappears.

2. Media Support

WhatsApp Business supports text, videos, images and audio files. You can use these media files to promote and market your products or receive feedback from your customers. As a result, WhatsApp Business has a lower cost of marketing.

3. Multiple Devices Support

WhatsApp Business runs on multiple phone devices such as iPhone, Android phones, Window phone and Nokia. You can chat with your customers limitless as long as they have WhatsApp installed on their phone and have an active internet connection. This helps build a profound relationship with customers.

4. Free to Use

The WhatsApp service is completely free. You can send free messages to your customers in any part of the world free of charge.

How to Set up WhatsApp Business and its Marketing Strategies

Download WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business can be downloaded for free from the Play Store or Apple Store and installed on your smartphone. This requires an internet connection to download and install.

To download, go to “Play Store” on your smartphone and click to open. Type “WhatsApp Business” on the search bar and select it.

Here, you will learn some information about the application such as users’ overall reviews, the size of the app file, users’ overall ratings and how many times it has been downloaded.

Install WhatsApp Business App

Click on the “Install” button to start downloading process. Tap on the “Agree and Continue” to accept the “Terms of Service”. You can tap on the “Terms of Service to read more about the use of the WhatsApp Business app.

After reading the “Terms of Service”, go back and click on “Agree and Continue” to continue the download.

Verify Your Phone Number

The next step is to verify your phone number. WhatsApp will need to verify your phone number. To do this, choose your country and enter your phone number. Then click on “Next” to continue.

WhatsApp will send a 6-digit code to your number to verify. If the code is received directly in the same smartphone you are installing WhatsApp Business, it will detect the 6-digit code to continue. However, if the phone contact number you are using is on another phone, you will have to open the SMS sent to the phone number, get the 6-digit code and enter it in the space provided to continue verification.

You can change or edit your phone number if it’s not accurate. Select “Allow WhatsApp Business to access your contact, photos, media and files on your device.

Create WhatsApp Business App Profile

Create your business profile. This helps customers to learn about your business. Fill in your business profile picture, name and services. Click on the “Next” button to bring you to the WhatsApp Business Main Menu Screen.

Now, you can start using your WhatsApp Business account. Set it up and start getting in touch with your customers.

How to Use WhatsApp Business app to Promote and Market your products

WhatsApp Business app can be used to send messages, audio files, video clips and images. You should use it to connect with your customers.

To get appropriate responses from your customers, you need to devise creative ways to promote your business. Below are some of the basic ways you can use the WhatsApp Business app to promote your product and optimize profits.

Messaging tool

Whatsapp Business can be considered one of the fastest means to target relevant audiences. It allows you to run promotions through videos, voice notes, texts and visuals. This way, you can introduce new products and offers directly to relevant users.

You can also set up the Greeting message to thank new customers that visit your store. The Quick replies can be set up to serve the same way as FAQs and the Away messages to auto-reply your customers when you are unavailable.


This allows you to get creative content to attract attention and increase curiosity among your audience.

Profile Picture

You can use WhatsApp Business Profile Picture to promote your offers, latest products and brands. To help attract more audiences to engage in your brand, make sure the picture you will upload draws the most attention.

Product Campaign

You can create a campaign by asking your customers to send pictures of them using your products in return for a discount coupon. This will help your business get relevant contacts and grow.

Customer Communication

WhatsApp Business allows you to communicate with customers more freely than through phone calls. Many small businesses are now using WhatsApp Business to announce new products or offers. This is because it helps them keep in touch with their customers.

Customer Support Service

WhatsApp Business can be a helpful tool for customer support service. Some customers may prefer to send WhatsApp messages than calling customer service.

News Report

Many businesses, especially news agencies, are now using WhatsApp Business as a channel to receive feedback and reviews from their readers. Other businesses are using it to deliver reports, organize online courses and host online events.

Group Targeting

You can create different groups for your customers, depending on their interests, to start a discussion. You can give them new product samples and request their feedback and ideas.

How to Earn Money Online with WhatsApp Business App


WhatsApp Business is a tool that some coaches now use to conduct online training because of its very low cost, fast and easy to use.

One strategy is to create a group of customers with the same interest. Because WhatsApp Business allows different file formats – videos, images, audio and texts – it becomes a powerful tool to organize online training for your students.

Product Sales

Another way to take advantage of WhatsApp Business to earn money online is to use it as a sales platform. You can build leads of potential buyers to your WhatsApp and introduce your products or services to them.

You have to use attractive, productive, descriptions and call them for action to buy.

Status Marketing

WhatsApp Business Status allows you to display your images and video clips. This helps you to display your products – images and/or video ads on your status free of charge.

Customers who have your contact number saved on their phonebooks can view your status. Thus, you can encourage your customers to save your mobile phone contact on their phones.

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