Top 10 Universities in the UK to Study Accounting & Finance

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Universities in the UK to Study Accounting & Finance


As you read further, you will find a comprehensive list of the Top 10 Best Universities to study Accounting and Finance in the UK. The universities are listed with their names, location, and contacts to make easy for you to make the right decision and the right choice.


So if you are looking for the best university to Study in UK, or you are looking to make a choice to study Accounting in UK, or you are interested in getting information on the best university to study Finance in UK, this article is written with you in mind. Just keep reading.

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Many people made difference career choices and choose the discipline they consider lucrative. But what exactly informs their choices? The world is really changing fast and emphasis continually shifts to courses and disciplines that suits the current trend of things in the world. The world is at a time when there is a heavy emphasis on business. The importance of business, finance and economy can not be overemphasized. On account of this, many people are choosing and going into the field of business and financial management rather than the sciences.

Read below the list of the top 10 universities in the UK where you can study Accounting and Finance..

10) Loughborough University

When we talk about Accounts or Accountancy, Loughborough University is widely acclaimed the best University.  when we talk about Accounts. The university premium quality programs for both graduate and undergraduate students within stipulated graduation years. The standard of education here is world class and the facilities and resources are top notch. Students are groomed for self-reliance and productivity.

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9) University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is one of the most prestigious universities in UK and it’s not a surprise that it ranks among the top ten universities that offer the very best when it comes to accounting and finance. The university is the dream of any student who has got information about the high standards and quality of education she offers. As one would expect for such a school, it’s entry requirement and tests are tough, though surmountable for the determined. The institution has very strong ties with many international professional firms and gives practical experience to its students via these connections.

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8) University of Leeds

University of Leeds is another great UK institution and favorably ranks among the best in the top ten list of universities that offer accounting and finance. In fact, the faculty of accountancy in the University of Leeds is known and recognized beyond the shore of the UK because they replete with refined human and material resources. The professors in University of Leeds are worth their salt and are constantly engaging in research and development. And they offer a rare one-year-opportunity to their students to interface with modern business firms and industries in order for them to gain practical economic and financial management experience beyond the traditional classroom.

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7) Queen’s University, Belfast

The School of Queens makes it to the revered list of the best universities to study Accounting and Finance in UK as it imparts unparalleled quality education in that field. Endowed with the best of human and educational material resources, the school produces the most sought-after graduates by business firms and industries. According statistics, well over 89% of graduates of the institution get the opportunity to work professionally immediately after leaving the school. Queen’s University offers a four year Bachelor’s degree (Bsc) program in the field of accounting with loads of practical works and industrial experiences.

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6) School of Economics and Political Science, London

The London School of Economics and Political science is also among the best institutions in the UK where one can access qualitative education in Accounting and Finance. The school is unique in its approach to teaching and learning and offers the students loads of professional and industrial trainings and experiences through the many firms that partner with it. These firms also absorb most of the graduating students of the school. It is also a highly sought-after school because of its high rating among the general populace.

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5) Lancaster University

Among the many departments in Lancaster University, the department of Accounting and Finance is arguably the best. The university offers both undergraduate and post graduate (Masters and Phd) programs for its teeming community of students who testify of the quality of teaching and learning which have become the hallmark of the institution. If you are yet to decide on which university to go to study Accounting and Finance in UK, you really need to consider this school. You can open the link below to read more information about the school.

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4) University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is also a big option to consider when trying to choose a good school to study Accounting and Finance in UK as it makes it among the top ten Universities. The university has a lot of unique values which it seeks to impart on her students. It encourages and enhances creativity while helping the students to develop their skills independently. The university offers bachelors degree in the field of accounting after a duration of four years and tens of thousands of students from around the world aspire to attend the school; but not many are taken due to the high entry requirements.

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3) The University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is an awesome university with the mission of developing and sustaining campuses that are fit for today and the future. It has the most flexible study plans and programs tailored towards meeting the peculiar needs of their students. They have online study options, microcredentials courses, part-time undergraduate study and so on. Their department of Accounting and Finance is very robust and you can get that level of satisfaction you desire as the program and study plans are student-oriented.

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2) University of Bath

The University of Bath is also considered to be one of the best institutions as far as Accounting and Finance Program in the UK is concerned. The schools gives the best foundation in modern business and financial principles. You can read more details about the school and its educational capacity by following the link below.

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1) University of Strathclyde

Though the University of Strathclyde is the last university are are discussing, it is certainly not the least when it comes to the study of Accounting and Finance. It is actually one of the best as it offers the students a chance to practically explore how accounting can develop to meet the needs of modern society. You can read more details about the school and its educational capacity by following the link below.

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