How To Get a Good Student Accommodation In Manchester City

You are welcome to the study abroad series of Here, it is our tradition to give you effective guide and tips that would make your dreams to study abroad an easy reality. Today, we are going to be examining everything about student accommodation in Manchester City.


students accommodation in ManchesterManchester City plays a host to many great world renown universities including The University of Manchester, University of Bolton, The University of Salford, Manchester Metropolitan University and University Academy. These and other top universities in the city are renown for their unparalleled exploits in architecture, arts and culture, social impacts, music, media connections, sports clubs, transportation connections and much more.

On account of these, they attract tens of thousands of students from across the globe, making Manchester the UK’s third most populated metropolitan city. The city also doubles as the UK’s second cheapest city for students. So for many obvious reasons, Manchester City has grown and is still growing into one of the United Kingdom’s most contemporary and important cities.

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You are reading this article possibly because you have plans of relocating to Manchester City to study in one of the prestigious universities there. So we shall do our best to provide you with the best guide you can get in the Internet space.

In the coming paragraphs, we shall let you in on the reasons why you should choose a students accommodation in Manchester, the cost of students accommodation in Manchester, the different accommodation options for students in Manchester and which option is best suited for you and of course, the application process for students accommodation in Manchester.

Let’s get into the article.

Why you Should Choose Students Accommodation in Manchester City.

Though a relatively small city, Manchester, very much like Liverpool, has a formidable transportation system and road networks with an enormous supply of buses and trains ready and on time to take you anywhere you want to go.

The city also offers another transportation option for those who may not have a flare for buses, trams and trains — bike. Manchester city has several clearly delineated bike lanes and networks running across the entire city passing the city as very bike-friendly. So which ever mode of transportation suits you best, Manchester city accommodates all.

Beyond transportation concerns, it is important to note that there are no dull moments in Manchester City. As a student, you can never be bored studying in Manchester no matter your discipline or course of study, tastes, extra-curricular preferences or age as there is something for everyone in the city.

Industrial revolution was birthed in Manchester and as such, the city has vast collection of museums and galleries commemorating remarkable events such as the first ever commercial bus route and passenger railways. More so, you can learn various topics in the arts, sports and sociology.

In addition to the above, Manchester city is arguably one of the most exciting places to eat and drink in the UK — thanks to its thriving food and beverage culture. So if you are a ‘foodie,’ then have no fears as Manchester city has whatever you fancy eating whether it is a humble street food or pop-up markets or afternoon tea.

As you would expect in one of the UK’s largest cities and any large developed city in the world, Manchester experiences crime. Nothing is strange about that. It only requires simple precautionary measures such as using bike locks, not keeping late nights or walking home alone at night and so on.

What is the Cost of Students Accommodation in Manchester City?

Of all the expenses you would be incurring living as a student in Manchester city, accommodation would be the largest. But the price you would pay would depend on your choice — whether you choose to live in halls or private apartment, and the exact location.

Whichever choice you make, you can expect to pay nothing less than £500 per month. If you decide to go for school halls, then the cost of broadband, water, and energy would be included in the rent. But if you rent a private apartment, there are likely to be extra costs.

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Different Students Accommodation Options in Manchester City

Just like in most other cities, there are two accommodation options for students in Manchester city. Depending on their budget and preference, students can choose between schools’ halls of residence and private apartments.

  1. Halls of Residence: Most universities in Manchester City have hostel facilities where their students can live on campus. These hostel facilities would normally include amenities such as eateries, WiFi, laundry, and other services provided and run by the university management. Interested students pay various amounts as rent to live in these halls of residence depending on the type and grade of the residence.
  2. Private Apartment: Off-campus apartments that are usually near the university are referred to as private student housing. Many students prefer this type of accommodations for many reasons, the chief of which is reduced cost though bills such as gas, water, and electricity are usually included in the rent. The amount paid as rent in off campus accommodations varies depending on the type and grade of apartment and the area. So depending on your preferences and budget, you can have a single room all to yourself or you can share with a friend/roommate. Regardless of the area and grade, the rent of off campus private apartments starts roughly at £550 a month and goes up from there.

Listed below are some of the most popular spots for students to live in Manchester City:

  • Didsbury
  • Fallowfield
  • Rusholme
  • Withington
  • Hulme

Which Student Accommodation Option is Best Suited for You? Which Should You Go For?

Many ask the question, “Which student accommodation option should I go for?” The truth of the matter is that the decision is a difficult one. Our advice is that you seek the opinions of as many people as you possibly can. A very good place to start your inquiries if from family and friends who are already in University or those who are through with school.

Another option is to attend applicant days prior to the start of the semester and use that opportunity to meet students and staff and ask questions that bother you about halls or private housing.

Process of Application for Student Accommodation in Manchester

In the section, we will look at the actual process of application for student accommodation in Manchester. We will summarize them in 5 simple steps:

  1. Make a list of all the student housing options you know. Choose five of your favorite options.
  2. Ensure a guarantee of lodging by applying on time. Apply as early as August 31 or before. If you are an exchange student or a visiting student, then you should apply on or before July 31 to ensure that you get a space in the school’s halls of residence.
  3. If you have special requirements or needs that may affect your accommodation needs, be sure to mention them. By indicating them on the application form, the school may do the best within her capacity to accommodate you.
  4. As soon as the school confirms that you will be visiting Manchester city, you will receive an email containing the details of your accommodation offer and simple instructions on how to accept it. Watch out for the email during summer.
  5. The school will ask you to make a pre-payment of £400 for licence immediately after you accept your accommodation offer. Go ahead and make the payment as soon as possible, otherwise, they will offer your accommodation to someone else.

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