How to Apply for a Canadian Study Permit and Visa

Before you are deemed qualified to apply for a Canadian study permit and visa, you must have been given an offer by a school in Canada to come and study. As soon as you receive the study offer from a school in Canada, the next thing you must do is to start working on getting your visa.

Canadian study permitYou will need a Canadian study permit depending on the duration of the course offered to you by the Canadian school. If the duration of the course you were offered lasts longer than six months, you will obviously need a Canadian study permit. Your visa alone will permit you to travel to Canada and stay there for a maximum of six months.

My goal for making this post is to outline and explain the various steps involved in processing a Canadian Visa and Study Permit, and to delineate the requirements so that you will know how to begin to go about it.

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How to apply for a Canadian study permit and visa

Application for Canadian study permit and visa can be done in either of two ways, viz:

  • Online application
  • Paper application

As you would expect, online application is the faster and more recommended method of application. In order to apply successfully, you will need a credit/debit card and electronic copies of other supporting documents. You can create electronic copies of your documents using a scanning machine or a camera.

Note that the type of documents required for submission depends on your country of origin. However, there are some documents that are usually demanded regardless of country. Find them as you read below:

Documents Required for Application for Canadian Visa/Permit

A letter of acceptance from a recognized Canadian institution.

A letter of acceptance is a letter issued to a student who has just been admitted into an institution to pursue a course of study. The admitting institution can send this letter to the student online or by post. The letter of acceptance will contain information like the student’s chosen course of study, tuition fees, duration of study program and so on.

Canadian student visa application package.

There are two means through which the student can obtain the Canadian student visa application package. The package can be downloaded from the official CIC website >>here<< or obtained from a Canadian Embassy or Consulate in the student’s home country. If the student chooses to download this package online, they will need to provide answers to few questions about themselves on the CIC website.

The essence of the questions is to determine the eligibility of the student to apply online. If, after answering the questions, the student is found eligible to apply online, they will be issued a personal checklist code which would be valid for 60 days. The checklist code would be required when the student wants to submit their application online. The student is advised to print out the page bearing their code for future reference.

Application submission.

This is the next point in line. You have to submit your application at this point. Here’s how: Create a myCIC account and key in your personal checklist code. When you do that, you will receive a personal document checklist which would allow you to upload your documents to CIC. After this, you will need to pay your school fees, get all your documents and application form ready. Then you can submit your application to CIC.


This may vary with countries. There are countries on the watch-list and applicants from such countries are made to go through biometrics verification which may require that they provide their photograph(s) and fingerprints.

Medical examination/police check/report.

This is another requirement that varies from country to country. Applicants from certain countries may be required to go through a medical examination and provide a report from a recognized medical facility, and/or go through police check and provide a report before they submit their application. It is advisable that every applicant should contact the Canadian embassy or consulate in their home country to ascertain if their country’s specific requirements before submitting their application.

Proof of funds to support yourself.

This is very important and has the capacity to make the embassy deny you the visa you seek. You must provide evidence to show that you have enough funds to support yourself throughout the duration of your study. So you must provide all the required documents and also prove that you have a minimum of C$10,000 which is the minimum amount needed each year of your study apart from your tuition fees.

You may tender proof that you possess this money by providing a bank statement or an evidence of a Canadian account in your name in case the money has been transferred, or proof of scholarship or grant.

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If you follow the information and guidelines delineated above, you should be able to receive your visa without stress. As soon as you receive your visa, you will be sent a letter of introduction and a temporary residence visa which will make it possible for you travel to Canada. That’s it! When you arrive Canadapresent your documents and proof of finances to the border control agency in Canada and you will be given a Canadian study permit. With that, you can live in Canada and study for the duration of the program you were offered.

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