7 Obstacles to Choosing the Right Career Path

7 Obstacles to Choosing the Right Career Path

For many youths, finding a career that matches their aptitude, potentials and interest is in itself a challenging task. Having a successful career in life is not just for the rich and famous, it is for everyone including great people like you.

Obstacles to choosing the right career

We as humans are prone to making mistakes and usually overlook some things that may directly or indirectly affect our lives. We often assume that somehow these things are insignificant, but in the long-run they affect our future especially as it relates to our career choices. Below are some identified obstacles to making accurate career choices.

1. Indecision

Decision-making is an exercise of the will. One of the greatest obstacles militating against successful decision-making is indecision. People lose opportunities simply because they could not make up their minds early enough. I want to believe that by now you must have known whether you are in the Sciences, Business studies, Technology or the Humanities based on the factors already discussed. I also want to believe that you have a clear understanding of the careers your course of study will likely lead you to. Therefore, make your decisions. If you wait till the weather is fair, you may not have one. Act now!

2. Lack of Good Advice.

Many people have failed to make good career choices in their lives due to lack of good counsel or the application of a totally faulty one. For you to make a successful choice of a career-course to study in a tertiary institution, you must be well informed. If you have read around this website, you would have obtained enough comprehensive information to make the choice.

3. Ignorance.

A man once said to me, “Had I known, I would not have studied the course I studied in the university.” He was not given proper guidance and did not do proper career exploration before making his choice. He simply studied whatever came his way and he is regretting his actions. This article and the entire website are meant to bridge the gap between what currently in the counseling field in our high schools and what should be. Lack of knowledge could lead to unsuccessful career choice making. I encourage students to ask their school guidance counselors and other well-informed persons for information about available courses and career fields.

As mentioned earlier, if you discover that the career-course you have flair for is taught in an overseas institution, then make use of any of the options discussed on this website to actualize your educational dreams.

4. Psychological Fear.

Due to perceived fear, some people settle for courses which, to them, are simple, suit their calendar age or have a shorter duration to complete in a tertiary institution. They, in most cases, qualify in these fields but always wished that they had studied the other course. Included here are some of those with the over-age mentality. Age, they say, is a matter of the mind. Some feel old when they are young while some feel young when they are actually old. I was in the university with some students who almost twice my age and still performed very well academically.

Let this not be an obstacle to you. Remember, you have what it takes to make this choice. Discover what is making you afraid and overcome it. Tell yourself that you would do whatever it takes to discover your career path be it talking to the professionals in the field, volunteering for service or actually working to gain knowledge about the world of work.

5. Teenage Delinquency.

Children are greatly influenced by the environment, its culture and most importantly; the peer groups and the activities of perceived “role models”. Unfortunately, through subtle means, persons with questionable characters have been made to make the greatest appeal to our children. The question is, who is your role model? You should know because your role model will somehow affect you. All that glitters is not gold they say. We counsel students to keep off every act or behavior that could endanger or destroy their future and abort their dreams of ever making progress in life. Let your role-models be persons of successful achievements and persons with sterling character.

6. Cultural Barriers.

This obstacle becomes more pronounced when gender issues are involved. When a particular field of study is regarded as a male or female area, those of the other gender are usually made to feel like misfits and sometimes find it very difficult to break the barriers. Nursing is generally perceived and regarded as a female profession is a country like Nigeria and in such a country, men find it difficult to break in and win the confidence of female patients.

This could make an intending male student opt for another career despite his interests. The truth is that there are no barriers whatsoever to learning and practicing (work). If you have the interest, the aptitude and the attitude to study and practice in any career area, do not be afraid to proceed with the intentions.

7. Confront Unrealistic Expectations.

Some students believe they will become bank MD’s the same year they graduate from school. While we believe that someone could sometimes successfully take a giant stride, it would be unrealistic to think that you can jump the entire rungs of one’s career ladder in one leap. Therefore, confront every unrealistic expectation about your career, work, job satisfaction, remuneration and so on. Many students make career choices based only on these factors. No, every other important factor must be considered.

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How to Overcome these Obstacles

To overcome these obstacles, a student has to overcome fear and doubt and boldly step out. After all, those who are professors and chairmen of organizations today were high school students yesterday.. They also made career choices just as you are making today. Parents should build into their children a strong character and positive personality. Children have a mass of reserved strength, which can either be put to positive or negative uses. Exposing them to volunteer and social works, sporting activities, educational and academic competitions will help channel their energy to gainful (career-related) uses.

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